Stellar and aurora webcam, everywhere!
FV-ST02 はオーロラが撮影できる ライブカメラ です。
What is this camera?

  • A high-definition webcamera developed by ShinShu Associates.
  • Features high sensitivity and is suitable for capturing such dark objects as stars and aurora..
  • With fish-eye lens, it capures wide area of the sky.

Defrosting heater inside

Why aurora webcams are challenging?

  • Commercially available webcams are too dark for aurora.
  • Consequently, need to build own system which costs high.

Aurora shot frim Finland

Why so beautiful?

  • Mirror-less SL digital camera with fish-eye lens is used.
  • Exposure time may be as long as 15 sec which is adequate to capture night sky.

Moon-lit Yatsugaatake mountains and stars.

How is it simple and affordable?

  • A small circuit board with a micro-processor manages the camera and file transfer.
  • ShinShu Associates knows "simple design means lower cost and higher reliablity" based on its previous experience in a printer company.
  • The material cost (not selling price) of the camera is squeezed down to no more than 800 euros. (Inclusive of camera, lens, enclosure and WiFi router.)

A prototype unit.

Hardware is the only key?

  • Not at all.
  • ShinShu Associates also developed software programs working on the server to manage picture files coming from 10+ cameras.
You may have your own camera from ShinShu Associates.

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